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JRPGfan said:

Remember back in 2019, end of august? (~11 months ago)

"Microsoft Has No Further Plans To Bring First-Party Games to Other Platforms"

Theres also Wasteland 3 & psychonauts 2.

Barkley said:

Very interesting, this would mark the first time Microsoft bring one of their games to a PlayStation System that wasn't announced before they bought the respective studio.

Well unless you count Minecraft Dungeons, but I view the Minecraft IP a bit differently.

Wonder what else could be in the pipeline to make the jump to PlayStation. Ori?

The Switch port of Cuphead was actually spearheaded by Microsoft, not the Cuphead developers, so will be interesting to see if Microsoft approached them again asking if they wanted to make a PlayStation port.

Cuphead isn't first party, Microsoft don't own the IP or the studio.

IIRC it was made 'lifetime' exclusive because Microsoft gave them some funds to finish the title, Cuphead on Switch isn't actually Published by Microsoft either so I feel like they only ported it to test the waters for Xbox Live on Switch...But Xbox Live never came, Lol (Cuphead was the first game planned to have Xbox Live on Switch).

I'm thinking Microsoft either released them from their contract or Cuphead on PS4 will come with the DLC which would get around it, technicality...but it is possible Microsoft asked them to port it to PS4 like they did with Switch but Idk why they'd bother unless it has XBL integration.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 28 July 2020