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Ka-pi96 said:
Hiku said:
Teach from a distance over Zoom.

Teaching over zoom is shit though!

Older kids can be ok if they want to learn (or are being watched by their parents), but teaching younger kids via zoom just isn't good.

Even for the older ones I imagine it would be a pain in the ass for larger classes. The most I've taught via zoom is 10 kids at once so far and that was far from ideal. Zoom prioritises the person that was making noice most recently (until they stop making noise), drowning out everybody else. And with a lot of kids there's a LOT of background noise. It makes it hard to hear anybody or effectively teach.

So do you suggest a different app?

I don't know much about Zoom specifically, but noise shouldn't have to be an issue. You just have every student on mute, and then they make some sort of sign when they want to speak, and when the teacher ok's it, they unmute and speak.
Not sure if the teacher can control who is muted and who isn't in Zoom, but in worst case scenario they can mute themselves.