KazumaKiryu said:

What do you particularly like about the Persona 5-Royal game? And which is your favorite character ??

Should've been DLC, really. I have a lot of issues with it, but none are more obvious than that one. The new content was basically all thrown right at the end of the game just like what would normally happen with DLC. They tried building it up over the course of the game, but it always felt too obvious when the new stuff popped up amidst the old. It made it not feel like part of the actual story, especially when they try so hard to one-up the original final boss, which isn't something you can do. Also, they made the game waaaayyyy too easy with a ridiculous amount of game-breaking mechanics being thrown at you from all directions, I played it in hard mode but once I started gaining access to these power-ups everything became a breeze, even the late game bosses were a complete joke.

Honestly like the original game better. Better difficulty balance, and the story was perfect. To me, Royal feels like fanfic in that regard (though still fantastically written and decently executed), I see the original as the "canon" one. I would've preferred it if the new palace happened earlier in the story, and then its boss could've been less over the top as well. Also the Morgana thing was the worst deus ex machina I've seen in a while.

That said, I do appreciate Royal's quality of life changes, and for what it was, the new chapter and palace were actually really awesome. I just wish they'd have implemented the new stuff better. Oh and also made it as DLC.

I don't really have a single favorite character but it's somewhere between Ryuji, Morgana, and Akechi.