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Shaunodon said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Sure, they should improve handheld mode as well. But handheld will always have a downgrade in comparison with handheld + docked. I don't see Nintendo having a portable videogame that is alone as powerful as a PS4/XO in next gen, at least not using their current low-price police. They need the dock to an extra supply of raw power

I understand having docked-only games is a issue, but they don't need ALL their games to be docked-only, only the fewer games where the portable mode alone can't run (probably some engine-specific 3rd party games)

Why? By the time Switch 2 releases, those systems will be a decade old. Mobile technology will have adanced a long way since then, along with the techniques for creating games.

I'm expecting Switch 2 to actually be far more optimised with switching between 1080p portable, and somewhere between 1440p-1800p docked. After having one long generation with Switch under their belt, they should be more prepared and comfortable with the tehnology and concept.

Personally, I wouldn't even mind if the next one were to continue doing 720p portable and 1080p docked. What I want them to do with the extra power is just make prettier games and make games run better, especially for third-parties - it's amazing how crappy third-party games can run on the Switch, even games that theoretically wouldn't need much power. I know that's a porting issue more than the hardware itself, but for one good example, there are a lot of UE4 games that run like crap on the Switch because optimizing them takes too much effort. I want that sort of thing to be better.

Though yeah, for the general gaming market, it'd probably look really bad if they released a 1080p console well into the 2020's.