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Immersiveunreality said:
KiigelHeart said:

It's like this here in Finland, a country of social democracy. The more you earn the higher the percentage you pay on taxes. I play 24% + other stuff like retiremend funds. If I earned a bit more it would easily be 30%. Some pay 40-50%.

I'm not complaining though, our school system, healthcare etc. is good. For now at least.

Yes but he talked about socialized medicine so would be good if he gave the percentage we pay for healthcare etc instead of that,would give a more positive look on it.

Ah ok. I don't even know how much of it is for healthcare.

I forgot to add people with income do have to pay some money for medicine and going to public hospital, on top of paying taxes. And many people like me pay for insuraces too so we can go to private hospital for better and quicker service. Still, I don't mind paying if it means those less fortunate are taken care off. Makes my job easier too.

I'm not surprised if people from US find this crazy. But I still wouldn't call our system socialism. Socialism is evil :P