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Immersiveunreality said:
snyps said:
Socialism is another word which means “government control of society’s infrastructure”. Since government is so trustworthy and efficient, people are foolish to be fearful of of socialism.

What this thread is referring to is socialized medicine. Not blanket socialism. Give government an inch and they won’t take more than it needs. So I say go for it. Doctors were so expensive for our ancestors before insurance.

Tax 30% of our personal earnings and think of how much more we’ll save compared to now!

Where did you learn that from?

It's like this here in Finland, a country of social democracy. The more you earn the higher the percentage you pay on taxes. I play 24% + other stuff like retiremend funds. If I earned a bit more it would easily be 30%. Some pay 40-50%.

I'm not complaining though, our school system, healthcare etc. is good. For now at least.