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NightlyPoe said:
JRPGfan said:

So can captalism.

Look at Trump, he doesnt fear the law in the US anymore, he thinks himself above the law,
and basically proves it by being able to break it and get away with it.

Trump is useing populism & nationalism, and racism, to win elections.
He keeps a book on hilters speeches by his bedside (said his ex-wife).
He mirrors alot of slogan and talking points Hilter did.... and he won the presidency.

Hes managed to replace alot of the people, who are in place, as safety guards to put a check on a presidents powers.
With alot of "yes people" that'll just nod at everything he does.

Is the US about to become a facist dictatorship?
I dont think so, yet.... however its strikeing the parrallels to hilter, and the america people, much like the germans at the time, dont see the danger.

What the heck does any of that have to do with capitalism?

And, no, Trump is not going to become a fascist dictator.  If he were trying, he's gone about it in a strange way considering he's probably the first president since Ford to significantly reduce the power of the office.

He was scarmongering about socialism.
Im just saying capitalism isnt immune to dictators either.

"he's probably the first president since Ford to significantly reduce the power of the office."


Have you seen the Picture of Ivanka + Trump marketing Goya Beans ?
Thats actually against the law for them to do.  However give Trump a bag of money, and he ll market your bean can for you.

Hes reduced the power of the office?
Then howcome anyone thats critical of him, gets replaced?
Any investigation into him is stopped? Hes supoena'd for tax returns (law says hand them over) for a investigation and he doesnt?
Look how many people broke the law for him, and he just pardons them afterwards?
He replaced people that are there to put a check on presidential power..... because hes the first one to reduce the power of office? nah... thats a lie.

Also Nepotisme;

It makes corruption way to easy to get away with. If your only surrounded by family members, or people with ties to your family, who are fine with your corruption because it en-riches your family, it makes chances of such happending much higher.  This is why there is a anti-nepotism statute, to prevent that from happending.

Guess who has like 30+ members of family or people with ties to his family in the white house?

These are not the actions of "first president since Ford to significantly reduce the power of the office." ,
but a power hungry one, that thinks himself a King/dictator.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 16 July 2020