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theRepublic said:
padib said:

Bob Iger quit with all this mess, and is being replaced by Bob Chapek.

This isn't right.  Bob Iger's situation likely has nothing to do with Star Wars.  He has said he was going to retire 4 other times since 2013.  They went ahead with the succession plan in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Since then, he has unofficially resumed control of the company to help lead them through the pandemic.  And he is still executive chairman of Disney.  It is not like he up and quit.  If they were really worried about the movie or media side, do you think the new CEO would have come from the head of the parks and cruise business?

The article starts off wrong, Bob Iger didn't leave Star Wars into the biggest media business in the world, he left it burning like a corpse on a volcanic slope on Mustafar.

But I won't cherry-pick, my point is that this article pretends like there is nothing happening behind the scenes, when we know that his departure coincides with these events.

Nobody will ever come out and say that he quit because of Star Wars, so you won't be able to find an official article by Disney or one in the access media saying so. We just know that it's a spade.