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coolbeans said:
Perfect Dark 2 or reboot Gears Tactics for Series ID@Xbox sizzle reel Bethesda (developed or published) new IP announcement Cyberpunk 2077
Compulsion's next game announcement Wasteland 3 Elden Ring D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die returns! Jet Force Gemini
I'm Batman! Backwards compatability game showing Series enhancements Great Spence rocking a gaming t-shirt (free space) Some 2nd party/3rd party Japanese game deal Fable IV/Reboot
Flight Simulator trailer MS IP remaster/remake (new annoucement) Psychonauts 2 w/ release date announcement Battletoads will keep art style & release date given Battlefield
Next Call of Duty shown Ryse sequel Halo Infinite campaign gameplay showcase Last Night is still alive! Star Wars: KOTOR (reboot/re-imagining) 

Decided to make one.

Last edited by coolbeans - on 18 July 2020