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Halo Infinite Campaign gameplay lives up to the hype Forza Motorsport 8 Call of Duty 2020 - Xbox Marketing Cyberpunk 2077 XSX version shown off Flight Sim XSX version shown off
Fable reboot announced Banjo 1 + 2 remake Everwild gameplay Hellblade 2 gameplay The Coalition non-Gears game
Party game Gears Collection for XSX with enhancements FREE SPOT Europe dev acquisition Japan/Asia dev acquisition
The Initiative game teaser trailer New games from InXile, Double Fine, Compuslion and Obsidian Red Dead Redemption 1 remake Minecraft ray tracing XSX exclusive The Witcher 3 ultimate edition with all DLC and XSX enhancements
Destiny 2 Xbox marketing and next expansion showcased Sega partnership - Sonic Mania 2 and new Panzer Dragoon announced New Splinter Cell Elder Scrolls VI CGI teaser trailer New Ninja Gaiden

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