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Halo Infinite has sprint  Fable is announced with a cinematic trailer or teaser logo The Coalition's next game is a no-show  Cyberpunk showing  The Initiative game revealed 
Cuphead The Last Course rebranded as Cuphead 2, Xbox Console Exclusive Big indie focus  Everwild shown  Studio acquisition(s)  Perfect Dark revealed 
A Forza game coming holiday 2020  No AoE Xbox version announced  Free Space For The Faithful  Decent Japanese focus Psychonauts 3 show, no other Double Fine game 
Battletoads is reimagined with a new art style  Capcom has a disappointing showing  No Moon Studios announcement  Xbox doesn't get rid of gold subscription   Weeb shit shown 
Hellblade 2 gameplay trailer  Obsidian new game revealed  Halo beta in upcoming month(s) Flight Sim shown off Killer Instinct 2 not announced