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John2290 said:
vivster said:

Maybe you should remember where those taxes will go. We do pay more but we also have a higher standard of living than in 3rd world countries like the US.

I'm happy that we pay so much taxes in Europe and as a result are enjoying many conveniences others don't have.

Yes, After Covid I never appreciated how having that slight evil of socailism on the side of a republic/democracy can be so efficient and helpful, as long as it doesn't go further towards communism i'm happy to pay extra if even as insurance for when things go sideways or if it helps others out when they need a lift. I've needed that lift myself and never realised how much more of a lift it is than the US and what we get for giving that bit extra. 

But sure lets not make this political and do that nonsense with the snide remark on the US, that's bait man, c'mon. It also shows you have don't understand the classification of first, second and third world countries actually means.

Pot kettle?