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DPsx7 said:

One of the things that bugs me is when companies try to inflate the numbers of physical v. digital. It's not exactly fair to lump DLC or subscription sales, things that cannot be physical, into the totals because it's not a even comparison. A sale is a sale so the companies aren't wrong to share the data, but if you buy the disc and follow that up with an expansion pack or two, suddenly it's one physical purchase and 2 digital which skews the results.

Agreed! It is pretty annoying when they say x% of game sales are digital, ignoring the fact that a lot of those sales couldn't possibly have been physical. Would be nice to know the % of sales for the actual game only on a specific platform (so that PC digital sales aren't included). I think it's pretty much a dead cert that few if any games would be anywhere near 80% digital then.