Immersiveunreality said:
JJMA said:

I am not American, however Muslims should be allowed to be what they want to be in America imo. However there is a caveat, in the UK, where I'm from Muslims 6% of the population and where I live they are 40%. When muslims hit a hit a certain point they tend to take over and you hear the call to prayer in certain areas of the city I live in, on loudspeaker, basically at that point Muslims tend to be overly assertive and take over.

On top of that I have a younger relative who has been.... well let's just say abused several times by muslims, sometimes solo, sometimes as a group, this went on on from the ages 11-14. So yeah Muslims should be free to be muslim, but they shouldn't via the their beliefs aka (the Quran and various Hadiths) be allowed to abuse children or impose Sharia (which is semi legal in parts of the city I live in).

Be a muslim, be American, be British, English, Scottish, Irish, whatever, just don't be insidious and more important than anything, leave kids alone.

Yeah,4 girls i knew got molested for just being western girls and not dressing like muslim girls so they were being seen as whores by the still youthfull perpetrators.

The cultural divide is doing a lot of damage.

Whoever did that to them should be shot.

I'm not asking for those responsible to be shot for their faith, but for what they've done.

Now if only more of North America judged based on someone's actions instead of someone's faith or race.