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Metallox said:
Hiku said:

Doesn't sound realistic. And I don't think it'll solve anything substantial anyway. Maybe Mark Hamill is too old to reprise his role again, or maybe he isn't. But Keri Fisher is gone, and I doubt Harrison Ford will consider doing it again.

And for an alternate timeline to occur, you'd usually involve time travel. I don't think I want to see that element added to Star Wars. Might as well prevent Anakin from turning to the dark side, instead of just stopping Palpatine from surviving then.

I would kinda love saving Anakin from turnig to the dark side and letting him raise Luke and Leia in peace. I bet most fans wouldn't like such a thing, though. 

I think that would at least be more interesting than just changing Palpatine's fall, but my trust in how Disney would handle the series even without time travel is not high.

I remember people were similarly upset with the prequels as well when George Lucas first made them. So I'm not sure that input from the man that decided to sell the franchise is necessarily going to improve much. If he cared half as much about the direction of the series as the fans do, I don't imagine he would have sold it.