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If you would like to submit a bingo card, you can either do so by making a 5 x 5 table and using the middle space for a free space, or if you are feeling creative, you can try to make a bingo card using this template on a photo editing program like the free online Pixlr. To make the card, you need to find the images that you want for each tile, crop them until they are perfectly square, shrink them down to about 180 x 180 (I found 181 x 181 worked a bit better), and then save them. Once you have the images for all tiles saved, you can open the template and add all your tile images as layers, moving them to the right spot on the card. Once all of the images are in place, you can write more details about your prediction over them with the writing tool.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 19 July 2020