Runa216 said:
BraLoD said:

Horizon is exactly the same that came to my mind when thinking about it, Sucker Punch is going to elevate themselves like Guerrilla, this game is on a completely different game from their past ones, like Horizon was.

And this is not like Bend, SP has been doing good games constantly, this is their second game (plus a standalone DLC) this gen, Bend as you said came straight from the PSP days.

I was thinking about the 89 Horizon got and I almost picked it, but I believe GoT will be more critically acclaimed that Horizon and sell considerably less.

Samurai vs Robot Dinossaurs, the appeal is completely different.

GoT is really artsy, it looks ridiculously good and the art actually blend on the gameplay, everything about this game screams beauty, not only graphically.

Oh, I would love nothing more than to see this get Horizon: Zero Dawn hype and The Last of Us 2 reviews. I think it has potential to hit 93-94, but since Horizon only got 88, I don't see a new IP getting that high. Spider-Man also only got 89 I think, and both Horizon and Spider-Man were Game of the Year Contenders! 

Horizon got a 89, tho.