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mZuzek said:
Who cares, anyway? It's still in the hands of Disney, and their shitty committees, decanonizing stuff isn't suddenly gonna make the next stuff they make any better. Everything they do at this point is just a desperate attempt at regaining the trust of the fanbase, including the last couple movies, that won't change. This franchise is dead, just accept it.

I've already accepted it, don't you worry

@super_etecoon. Everyone know that the prequels are flawed, but they're Star Wars, they're canon. They came from the mind of George Lucas, and that in and of itself means a lot.

The sequels are not star wars and never will be. They disregarded any input from George, any prior canon, and just did whatever they wanted, vandalising the series in the most vulgar way. They should be decanonized for the sake of the franchise, but I maintain no expectations of it actually happening.

Last edited by padib - on 10 July 2020