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EnricoPallazzo said:
twintail said:

There's a difference between games being enhanced for the next platform (which would involve being patched and developer input) and the games just running in a BC mode and enhanced from just having stronger hardware. Of course, some games will just incompatible and patching will be required for those. 

Sony have already stated that PS5 BC will enhance frame rates and resolution but this is always going to depend on the game. 

I'm sure i read that XSX will also be able to add HDR to games that never had it in the first place. They talked about this a few months ago when the internal hardware of the XSX was shown off.

That's my understanding of how this is working. 

Yes I get that, for example read dead redemption for Xone X that was more than just higher resolution and etc.

The point is that games will always run at the maximum resolution and fps as originally designed. AGain using GTA4 as an example, even on XSX in theory it will run at 720p 30fps, of course loading times will be crazy fast, it will never drop below 30fps and probably a few other things will get better.

But as far as I know, to run it at a higher resolution of fps it's something that depends on the developer and I think most o them will not be interested in that as it requires time for something that will not bring more money in, and also kind of kills opportunity for future remasters.

My hope is that XSX could do it without the developer, just like a pc game you know? Microsoft internally just deploy an option to run the game at a higher resolution or fps. But again, I dont see that happening unfortunately.

A checkboarding option to the emulation could potentially achieve this. 

But it will never be a 100% solution. But the majority of games should at least look a little better, and run a little better at the very least.