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Welcome to the Fitness thread. This is a spiritual successor to the Fitness Federation.

I'm building a new thread so I can combine everyone's fitness objectives and progress so we can get motivated in our goals.

The thread is free form, people can post freely. Still, one type of post will stand out, and it's our Fitness card. The fitness card will follow the template in the next section (below the =====). We'll update our fitness cards over time via new posts (copy-pasted), to maintain our statistics with new information in a bold-underlined font (headings and headers are always bolded). In the first card, everything will be in normal font, but as we post updates, they will be in normal fonts, with new info in bold-underline. You will find my fitness card example in the next section. Notice that the pictures are there to help us show progress or new tools to help us in our objectives, let's try to focus them on our objectives. And remember, Arnold is watching.


Thoughts & Perspective

I started getting serious about fitness about 10 years ago shortly before I joined my first Tough Mudder competition in 2011. Fitness to me was a way of breaking the shackles of different illnesses I had developed during my early adulthood, because I led a sedentary life. Ranging from muscle pains to constantly catching colds, my body was asking for change. I had always snubbed fitness as a thing for people who focus on the outside, until I realized that it was fundamental for my health, both physically and emotionally. I began working out using bodyweight exercises (no machines), running, swimming, mountain climbing, biking, and it was all working well on my cardio and shape. About 4 years ago, during 3-month stay in Ukraine, I decided to get serious about putting on muscle, and so I decided to finally learn to use the machines and to stop snubbing them. During that time, I was going to the gym for 4 hours per day, and pushed my levels far. Recently with the social distancing, I started feeling physically bad again, because I was losing my tools to keep healthy, since the gyms were closed. So I decided to set up a gym at my home, and friends came over to work out at my place while the gyms were closed.

Fitness is helping me feel alive and strong, and now my goal is to build a good figure I am happy to wear. Most importantly, I'm targeting my abs. My body in general looks strong enough, but I want to build my core to have a nice 6-pack. That's what I'm working on right now.

In the past I tried the Keto diet, which was a great challenge and made very interesting changes to my energy levels. Now I changed to veganism + fish (Vegan Pescetarianism), and I feel like I lack nothing in my diet (I take a few necessary supplements to stay healthy). I am not concerned with eating meat when I am away from home, since I'm really doing it to manage my body weight and fat so I focus on my diet choice when eating at home, which is 95% of the time.


Date Set Objective Frequency Resources Ongoing/Achieved
2020-Mar-30 Restart weightlifting, maintain avg. weight levels Twice a week Achieved
2020-Mar-30 Regular 30-minute jogs Twice a week Ongoing (currently at once a week)
2020-Jul-04 6-pack abs strategy Daily 6-pack abs 1 Starting

Diet and Weight Stats

Weighing Date Weight Diet
2020-Jun-01 210 lbs. Omnivore
2020-Jul-01 198 lbs. Vegan Pescetarianism
2020-Jul-04 196 lbs. Same + fasting


Picture Date Description URL
2020-Jul-04 Abs, the beginning
2020-Jul-04 Finess room (Arnold frame)
2020-Jul-04 Fitness room (wide view) - the clear area on the floor is for the yoga mat to be rolled out onto for various exercises.
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