Bofferbrauer2 said:
newwil7l said:

There just isn't any point in voting for an independent right now. Some speculate that its the reason Trump was able to eke out a narrow victory over Hillary in 2016, thanks to people supporting candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, and as a result Hillary losing by small margins in key states. 

The main goal is to remove Trump from office and everyone needs to unit behind Biden for that to happen.

I have to disagree here.

What will push the democrats to any change if everybody votes for them? The Establishment Democrats of today are policy- and philosophy-wise identical to the Republicans of the 90's, both parties moved more and more to the right. Now with Trump slumping deeply is exactly the right time to vote 3rd party unless you want to risk the party getting split in half and ensure Republicans win every election after this one because the democratic vote is split between 2 parties?

Biden is leading so far and Trump can't muster any counters, so much so that Republicans start jumping ship. Unless there's several major changes in Trumps favor he's done for.

I actually vote third parties about as much as I vote for the two main parties.  I voted third party in the last election.  I am not gonna do that this time though.  Not a huge Biden fan, but trump has been such a nightmare as a president I want to do all I can to not have him for another four years.  I don’t think the country would make it.  I’ll go back to pushing for more third party options after there is at least a somewhat competent person in the White House.