Dulfite said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Makes me think the Chinese government is out to kill us all just because they could. -_-

People don't tend to move on from past atrocity. Muslims and Catholics in the Crusade days has lead to the current Middle Eastern situation even with Protestant or Athirst nation's getting involved or being dragged in. People demanding for black reparations from white people that had nothing to do with the decisions of their ancestors.

China was powerful once, then got cut up into a bunch of pieces by European imperials who thought they were better than everyone. Then that ended and they got pwned by the Japanese. They've got quite a lot of tension to take out on everyone else even if it wasn't our generations doing.

In general I just wish people realized we are not our ancestors, can't undo what they did, and aren't guilty for their same sins. We have our own baggage for sure, no doubt about it.

So basically China's doing this as reparation against nearly everyone else? Then they're officially a terror state, and Xi Xinping really does need a bullet between his eyes.