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Hey guys, you might enjoy this video by Doomcock that discusses the possibility of Disney decanonizing the Star Wars sequels through the veil of the force from Rebels season 4 episode 13 titled a World between Worlds. This has been confirmed by two sources within Lucasfilm.

Here are some summary points:

  • Lucasfilm realizes they have a major problem on their hands: that the Star Wars franchise is all but dead
  • Lucasfilm is preparing to render the sequel trilogy null and void, removed from canon and isolated into an alternate timeline, under the label of Star Wars Legends
  • Palpatine had a room on the 2nd Death Star called the room of mirrors, the mirrors created prior to the death star through the dark side using ancient rituals.
  • These mirrors, linked to the veil of the force, allowed Palpatine to manipulate the force (ex: cloud the Jedi counsel, conceal himself from the jedi, to increase his power)
  • As palpatine fell through the shaft of the Death Star, in desperation, he opened a portal to the veil of the force. In RoS, we see that he is in poor physical shape, it would be due to this travel without the aid of the mirrors
  • A room of mirrors was waiting in Exegol, to which Palpatine transported, to scheme the rise of the new Empire.
  • To delete the Kennedyverse, Lucasfilm would have force-sensitives or Jedis prevent Palpatine's transportation to the room of mirrors in Exegol.
  • The proof would be hidden within the RoS, where Ray meets her dark twin within the ruins of the Death Star.
  • Perhaps too little, too late, because the originals (Luke, Han, Leia) were never banded together one last time, Luke turned into a monster looking to murder his nephew, or sucked on a space manatee, Yoda destroyed the Jedi temple, Ray was a Mary Sue, and fans were treated as -ists and -phobes. To win the culture war, fans would accept the surrender by Disney.