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Torillian said:
pikashoe said:

I was not talking about you. Also I've been complaining and I don't really have a problem with naughty dogs politics, so search over.

Oh I never assumed that was directed at me. My best guess was someone who may say something that spicy would be someone like Runa, but I haven't seen the particular take so that's just a guess. 

Your guess is spot on.

Aside from that, it's necessary to acknowledge that the easy way out can be pursued by both sides. On one hand you have people who like the game play the bigotry card, on the other hand you have the people who dislike the game say that any defense amounts to accusations of bigotry even before a defense is displayed.

We've got a sequence of about a dozen of posts here that amount to nothing of value, so all the involved people should strongly reconsider how they approach the subject of TLoU2 that is touchy to begin with. I know all of the involved people can behave better, so it's for the best if everyone recognizes that they started on the wrong foot and that starting over, if there's still interest in anything, is mandatory if this is supposed to resemble an actual discussion.

I didn't quote you because you were the worst, but because I trust you the most to get back on track.

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