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JRPGfan said:

And how many times has MajorNelson lied about stuff?

Hes a PR guy that probably doesnt even know the inner workings of the deal or the outcome,
and just says whatever he thinks people wants to hear, as part of his PR job.

I bet you facebook or facebook gameing in some way shape or form, shows up on xbox.
Otherwise it doesnt make sense, unless MS is handing over bags and bags of money to facebook for it.
(which again could effect gamepass and its price)

Its more likely since they call it a partner ship that access to each others platforms, goes both ways.
So they both can temp people into useing their services from both sides.

Maybe Nelson is just useing word trickery.
Maybe the "current" implimentation changes, and in the new changed way, it has it.

Come on dude, comments like "Well they lie!" makes me wonder why I bother replying.

You're severely underestimating Major Nelson I think, he may just be a 'PR guy' but he's been at Microsoft for 19 years and is in a senior position, I imagine he knows quite a bit about the inner workings.

I reckon Facebook Gaming will show up too! In the form of an app maybe, but the FUD over it being plastered all over Xbox is just that, FUD. Microsoft are not going to let Facebook 'take over' their xCloud/Xbox OS with ads and required linking.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 24 June 2020