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Leynos said:
The Fury said:
His video, while on form with his usual stuff raised a question for me.

What is considered a good video game story?

Nier Automata

This is why I think Jim Sterling got it wrong here. Games can reach the quality of narrative of a good movie, so long as the devs did a good job baking the gameplay into to the narrative. If your mechanism is zombie or people-killing, then that will draw the boundaries of how far one could go, or how creative one must be to create true meaning out of that limit.

The issue with TLOUII is not that it can't compare to movies, the issue is that it was predesigned to fit an agenda (anti white male feminism), and the result is a degradation of the overall quality of the story. It could have been done differently, but it wasn't. And we have seen this plague many other things, especially movies.

So the problem isn't in the inherrent nature of games and a ludonarrative limitation, but it's something much deeper than that, and it goes beyond games.