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Cyran said:
RolStoppable said:

For T, however, it isn't about biology. It's about people who cannot accept themselves as the sex they were born with, so it's a psychological issue that is similar to general lack of self-respect, self-acceptance and self-love, only that it's specifically about sex because those people put a lot of stock into gender identity and don't fit the portrayed role of their sex, i.e. how either a man or woman should behave in our society.

I don't have the energy to make a long post on my views on this subject but I do want to reject this notion that it purely psychological. 

When we talk about what consider feminine behavior vs masculine behavior the primary cause is not a difference between male and female brains but how human brains react to testosterone vs estrogen.  If you give a man estrogen they will start to show what people consider in society more feminine behavior.  They also plays a big role in brain development studies have found.

I say this because studies have shown that people who identify as Transgender MtF generally have a longer receptor gene for the sex hormone of testosterone which reduces it effectiveness at binding testosterone.  The research suggests that the decrees in testosterone levels in brain during development causes a more "feminized brain" which leads to identity as female vs male.

My point is that there are physicals developments of the brains that have been shown in multiple studies as the reason and it complete BS saying it about self-respect or any other way to you try to trivialize the matter by saying all they need is counseling.  I don't blame transsexual individuals in the slightest for finding it offensive suggesting that all they need is counseling just like any Gay/Lesbian would find it offensive to suggest they need counseling.

Interesting. I have a certain degree of ignorance on the subject, but that's what a forum is for: To have more information added by different people as the discussion progresses.

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