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JWeinCom said:
Does this kind of review bombing happen with every Sony release? I really don't recall it being so (correct me if I'm wrong), but if the reviews were because of Nintendo/Microsoft fans, you'd expect them to do it on all major Sony releases.

From my experience as a Nintendo fan, review bombing generally happens when the Nintendo fanbase is for some reason unhappy about something. Pokemon with the reduced national dex, or animal crossing due to its save file stuff. Don't know why we'd assume the negative reviews are from fans of other platforms. Scrolling through the first page of user reviews, nobody mentions Nintendo or Microsoft, but plenty mention the first game and how the franchise was "ruined".

Yeah, the bombing is definitely not because of console war fanboyism. If you look at the user reviews for other big Sony exclusives from this gen, they were usually only barely below the critic scores, and a few games even had higher user scores than critic scores:

  • God of War- 94 critic/91 user
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn- 89 critic/84 user
  • Spider-Man: 87 critic/86 user
  • Days Gone- 71 critic/81 user
  • Until Dawn- 79 critic/83 user
  • Death Stranding- 82 critic/72 user
  • Uncharted 4- 93 critic/85 user
  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy- 84 critic/79 user
  • The Order: 1886- 63 critic/67 user
  • Dreams- 89 critic/88 user
  • Gran Turismo Sport- 75 critic/60 user
  • Driveclub- 71 critic/63 user
  • Infamous: Second Son- 80 critic/80 user
  • Infamous: First Light- 73 critic/74 user
  • Killzone: Shadowfall- 73 critic/68 user
  • The Last Guardian- 82 critic/79 user

The largest gap between critic and user out of the above games is 15 points on GT Sport. By comparison TLOU 2 is sitting at 95 critic/36 user, a gap of 59 points between critic and user. That is a huge discrepancy. That is an even bigger gap than we saw on Star Wars The Last Jedi a few years ago, which got an 81 average from critics and a 54 average from users on Rotten Tomatoes.

Alot of these low user reviews for TLOU 2 are clearly from actual fans of the first game disappointed by the story direction in the sequel. I've read several detailed and well written low user reviews that clearly were from people who actually played the game based on the things they were saying. Their scores might not be all that fair, because the game is clearly not so bad that it deserves all of the 0 and 1 reviews, but they are so displeased that they want to make their voices heard by Sony and Naughty Dog, and giving it a fairer user score of like a 6 or 7 is far less noticeable to Sony/ND than a 0 or 1. 

Others are from people mad about the political agenda of the game, or about other things like Sony having HD, mo-capped, nude sex scenes in the game yet censoring Japanese games. A few are probably from Xbox, PC, or Nintendo fanboys, but very few most likely.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 20 June 2020