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Chazore said:
Hiku said:

Because I had only played 3-4 hours of the game. How many hours have you played?

Should I pass judgement on the writing when I've barely started the game? That seems to be what a number of people are doing, considering the insane amount of user reviews that poured in 1 minute after the game launched. 
I've said before that I expect not to like this game. But I'm not in a hurry to make premature statements.

I'm talking in general of bad writing, that many others, who have already played the game, have pointed out.

Ah, the 'in general' of bad writing that people who have already played the game have pointed out.
My mistake. Next time I won't judge a story after I experience it, but rather after reading opinions devoid of any context.

Also, you said that 'for some reason' I didn't have the same opinion as you on the story I had barely just started.
I'll be sure to express the same opinion as you next time.

I wasn't trying to share my thoughts on the writing in that post, but I have in a previous post where I said that "I don't have a lot of faith in the writing now, but I'll see where it goes."
I'll remove the last part about seeing where it goes, and just post what you think instead.

Last edited by Hiku - on 20 June 2020