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Chazore said:

Well yes, the first part would make more sense, just like how people like to sit and watch Cerny, with fluttering eyes, only to then spew marketing lines and words, as if they know what's going on, and yes we've been seeing that since the X1X and Series X and now PS5, and going by CGI and pem's thought out viewpoints, yes, there has been a clear line of less intellectual folk spewing garbled words and marketing, vs those that actually know how this all works.

If you think that's fine, then hell, bring on the flat earthers into school curriculum, and while we're at it, the inclusion of everyone not having to use jabs to prevent diseases immunisation and the like too, because those "opinions" are just as valuable as the ones that actually contain well thought out knowledge and input, especially from scientific backgrounds.

I just thought I'd entertain you on that thought of yours, because I honestly think it's stupid to toss your hat in the ring, in a subject you'd know little about, in thinking it would hold weight, vs someone who is well versed in said subject you tossed your hat into. We all know that hardly plays out well and Pem/CGI just prove that.

I'm sure they do, but I see it as white noise, and what's worse is, I hate it when I'll talk about something, and that same white noise will flash into my eyes/ears, to which I'd have to ring up Pem, to cancel out said white noise, I shouldn't have to do that if the white noise knew where it was wrong and learned to stop carrying on with it. 

Of course corps aren't guilt free. I knew this from the start, but some folk here either agree with their marketing and camp like goading, and some don't and really need to wake up to it, but either is bad, and both need to be changed, and it starts with realising that it's shit. Like, as much as I do buy Nvidia cards, I think their marketing is dogshit, typical, and obnoxious, and I wish they'd do a 180 and cut it out, but they won't, because they know they've got some die hard Nv fanboys, who will just make a twitter account, simply to spam mass retweets of their marketing (yes, I've seen this, simply by clicking on users who spam NV tags on t witter, only to discover their profile just consists of Nvidia product placement tweet marketing).

Yes, the other two (and even PC) do make games that push things in different ways, but again, on here we don't always see that shared universal praise, because there's always something wrong with said company or game, or it's their meta score (which shouldn't even matter to begin with).

Do you want to know why I did for CGI and pem?, it's because they know their stuff. Am I to put more stock into your thoughts over theirs?, for what reason, logical at that, and why would I?. You must ask yourself this and come to a scientific and well rounded conclusion as to why I should follow your logic over two that work in different, but experienced fields. It'd also be stupid of me to follow someone like that Scottish AMD fanboy, over say, Stephen Hawking, because of course I'd put more stock into a scientist, over a buy obsessed with AMD having "won" the GPU war, because he knows a few clever words and knows how to put them together, in order to come off as knowledgeable. 

Until the day those two stop being intelligent in their own fields, I don't think I'll stop looking at what they do and say as anything less. You can call that what you will, but if we get a Skynet, and it's all knowing, you can certainly call me putting that on a pedestal too, but I know deep down that humans dislike being cited as lesser than something else, like what Iw as citing before, which I feel had you needing to say that about me, in regards to placing CGi/Pem up high (like this is just a human trait, an undeniable one, because no one likes being told they are more of an idiot than others).

Personally, I'm friends with about 5-6 Sony fans, and one of them even designed a badass, sexy looking PS5 gamepad poster (which I don't feel I can post here, despite it being somewhat SFW), but even he's been looking into PC stuff very recently, due to GeForce Now. What Iw as reffing to, was the hardcore fanboys, the ones that parrot the marketing and think the SSD is above anything else, the absolute devout.

I wouldn't even boycott TLOU2, I just think it's another movie based game, with bad writing, and I've noticed Hiku avoided saying that for some reason, and some others on different sites as well. Like, video game directors and writers, can actually produce garbage writing, I dunno why anyone else would think it's impossible to do so. Bellular also brought up a good point in regards to why some official review sites are just giving straight 10's, and I'd suggest giving him a watch if you want to look at that side of the fence:

Youu know it'd be nice if we could all come together, but for that to happen, we'd all have to share common interests in many things, and well, *cough* PC ain't one of them as much on here. Yeah I hail from that camp, as well as the Ninty one (in part, but more in social media), but I see that getting less attention in numerous ways (like my threads, that die within a day, or articles posted by VGC announcing PC titles getting next to no comments etc). Also, whenever a game like Star Citizen comes up, a game made for PC, it's shut down and nothing they do will matter, because "scam", so that's virtually impossible to have everyone "lovingly" come together, all roses and flowers, because ppl here just don't care, or care enough to shut it down, so I'm sorry if I don't share your sentiment on this, but that's just how it is on here, how it always will be.

Like you can see from my reply, I'm not interested in roses and flowers either. Here's an example where you just assumed something, assuming I just wanted us to hold hands and sing together. On the contrary if you have a contrary opinion but that it makes sense, I'm all for it, bring it on. It doesn't mean we can't respect each other in the process and congregate around games. But the issue is that people often assume things about other people. You might assume I have no knowledge in hardware compared to CGI or Pemalite, but my profession is actually in computer hardware and software dev (I do both), which is ironic since we mention expertise. I can make mistakes, but so can everyone. In the end it doesn't really matter who is posting, people need to stop judging people by who they think they are, they need to look at their posts.

People will assume so many things of people they don't even know. Most of us have never met in real life. The only person on here that I met in real life was shocked to see I was not at all what he thought I was. It's because through writing a lot of the person is lost in translation. That's why I'm telling you that to assume that CGI & Pem are the only ones who should legitimately be talking about tech is a mistake, because you don't really know them, you don't really fully know what they do as a hobby, or for a living you don't know what it involves exactly, and that's a good thing because we all need our privacy. In the end, instead of having personality complexes and competitions, let's just read each other. Even if someone you consider less knowledgeable posts, just read the content not the poster. I personally always do my best to post something that is researched. I'm not perfect, nor are CGI or Pemalite, they have their own things to deal with. In the SSD topic, I have given a lot of information and took a lot of time to research it. You will see that in the end we all grew more intelligent from it, even CGI. Why would that be a bad thing? My opinion of it changed thanks to our discussions, and my opinion of those I spoke to improved also, it was just a good thing.

The point I'm trying to make is that we all have something in common: we love games, tech and sales, otherwise we wouldn't be talking to each other. So, let's focus on that, it will help break the campy behaviors you dislike and posted against. In the end, we're on the same team, I'm just adding that your point about CGI & Pem fuel campy behavior, and I explained why I think you should try a different approach. It will require that you learn to deal with what you consider white noise in two ways:

  • Perhaps the reader is not saying what you think they're saying. Practice seeing a post from another point of view.
  • Learn to read white noise to understand what the person missed, and help them become more knowledgeable to fuel better discussions and inspire them to research, it will cause the white noise to reduce.
Last edited by padib - on 20 June 2020