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@OP. If this were about console wars, then Horizon would not have an 8.4 meta userscore, Detroit would not have an 8.7, Dreams would not have an 8.8, Gravity Rush 2 an 8.0 and The Last Guardian an 7.9. You will always have some fanboys breaking the system for all games, on all systems, however what you're seeing here is way beyond that.

Many people are concerned with the direction the entertainment business is taking, breaking lores that have existed for decades, or forcing content that doesn't fit with the story to push an agenda. Agendas are good in politics, but when a game is made for a large audience in the spirit of gaming and artistic creation, divisive politics are not welcome.

My question for you is, what do you play your games for? Do you want to be playing a game that sends you subliminal messages that are pushes by the greatest megacorporations of this world, or do you just want to escape into a fantasy for one instant to forget all the bickering in the world?

To blame the whole thing on fanboyism is disingenuous, and you can do better. Something similar happened with The Last Jedi. No one that is thinking straight would suggest that it's the Star Trek fanboys that all congregated to bash it. Sure there will be some like that, but the problem is much greater than that, and goes beyond consoles and games. It's everywhere now. There is resentment of the way the megacorporations are controlling what we consume, and it's growing.