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Console wars are only part of the cause here. While earlier Sony exclusives always got some negative reviews from Xbox fanboys (and vice versa for Xbox games getting bombed by PS fanboys), in this case the review bombing for The Last of Us 2 is mostly because of the leaks about the plot last month, which people hated when they read them, and most of those leaks turned out to be true in the actual game. People are also unhappy because Sony was DMCA'ing memes about the game for the past month, and targeting youtubers and journalists who talked about the leaks with DMCA takedowns. There are people unhappy about how "woke" the game is, with a heavy focus on LGBT culture. And there are people unhappy that Sony allowed a full HD, mocapped, nipples visible sex scene in TLOU 2, but are further censoring Japanese games that are already partially censored and approved by the rating agencies (ESRB, PEGI, CERO) with only the partial censoring.

So TLOU 2 is getting hate from about 5 different groups currently, Xbox fanboys, the anti-Woke crowd, fans of the first game who are unhappy with the story and characters in the sequel, people who are mad about Sony abusing the DMCA system, and fans of Japanese games who are unhappy that Sony censors JP games but not western games.

This isn't just a thing that is happening on metacritic, TLOU 2 was trending on twitter yesterday, so I looked at the trends. Like 80-90% of the most liked tweets were negative, and most were from people unhappy with the story, with a good many criticizing the lack of censoring on the sex scenes when Sony censors the Japanese games, and people criticizing the game for how woke it is.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 20 June 2020