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DonFerrari said:
shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, the parallels between the Naughty Dog situation and the LucasFilm situation are definitely noticeable. Amy Hennig is like George Lucan in alot of ways. She mentored Bruce and to a lesser degree Neil, as they worked under her on earlier Uncharted games. Likewise, Lucas mentored Kathleen Kennedy when they were working together on the Indiana Jones series. When Lucas decided to sell to Disney, he was happy that his protege Kathleen was being put in charge of LucasFilm in his absence. But quickly she showed her true colors, and set about disassembling everything that was good about Star Wars and replacing it with woke identity politics. The situation with Amy is a bit different, but basically her two proteges (Bruce and Neil) usurped control of her own IP away from her, forcing both her and her Uncharted 3/4 co-director Justin Richmond to leave the studio. 

I don't even really think the problem is Bruce. He did a great job co-directing Uncharted 2 with Amy Hennig, and Uncharted 4 was pretty good as well. And while I'm personally not a fan of TLOU 1, mainly because of the gameplay not being my cup of tea, I hear it's story was quite good. The problem seems to be Neil, not Bruce. TLOU 2 is Neil's first game directing project without Bruce, and it seems like a total shitshow from what I've read about the plot. Neil has straight up said that one of his influences is Anita Sarkessian, I can't think of a worse person to be influenced by in the gaming industry. 

With EA fucking up the Amy's projects MS would be silly not to open a studio for her. And Sony stupid if they don't give her a studio or a team of similar level of ND.

Yeah, I'm truly shocked that MS hasn't given her a ton of money to head up a new AAA studio for them. Would be a good way to win over some Sony fans and strengthen their own 1st party.