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sales2099 said:
DonFerrari said:

I know, was just using what you said against you =p

But in seriousness since Sony backed away from E3 and then with COVID Sony said they would spread the news and reveals of PS5 on several "events" along the year. So don't worry there will be more reveals from both companies.

Still for a MS event to be considered better than the one from Sony it have to show stuff that wasn't know already so Halo and Forza won't really cut it.

I have no doubt they can no longer coast on the trinity, as huge as Halo will be though. You either like shooters or you don’t. Reaaaaaly banking on Obsidian, Playground, Ninja Theory and Initiative to show their best. The other A-AA studios have the potential to impress but I’m more concerned with the big guns as I’m sure we all are, fans and skeptics alike. 

I personally love the fact that MS is going hard on the RPG genre next gen. I love RPG's, my favorite genre for sure, and MS didn't have a single RPG exclusive all gen. So it is truly great for me that MS now has 3 first party RPG studios. Obsidian, inXile, and Playground RPG. One of those, Obsidian, has 2 different RPG teams (AAA team and The Outer Worlds AA team), so we will have 4 different 1st party teams at MS making RPG's next gen. It's a huge deal for me.