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Important note if you can't tell for sure from the thread title alone: This poll concerns only the Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so if you want to make a prediction for the Switch and Wii U versions combined (BotW sold ~2m on the Wii U), you'll have no choice but to post in this thread.

Here's the shipment progression of the Switch version over time, quarterly shipments followed by LTD shipments:

March 2017: 2.76m/2.76m
June 2017: 1.16m/3.92m
September 2017: 0.78m/4.70m
December 2017: 2.00m/6.70m
March 2018: 1.78m/8.48m
June 2018: 0.84m/9.32m
September 2018: 0.96m/10.28m
December 2018: 1.40m/11.68m
March 2019: 1.09m/12.77m
June 2019: 0.84m/13.61m
September 2019: 0.93m/14.54m
December 2019: 1.80m/16.34m
March 2020: 1.07m/17.41m

What are your lifetime sales expectations for Switch's biggest launch title?


Bonus question: The home console line of Zelda games went through ups and downs most recently. After The Wind Waker disappointed in sales, Nintendo corrected the course with an Ocarina of Time inspired Twilight Princess. Following that, Nintendo went back to do as they please and tried to merge the styles of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princes in order to create another sales disappointment with Skyward Sword. This is how we got to Breath of the Wild which went even further back than Ocarina of Time for its inspiration, namely the original The Legend of Zelda on the NES. Nintendo even built an early prototype of Breath of the Wild in an 8-bit engine. Long introduction done, now for the question:

What do you expect that Nintendo will do with Breath of the Wild 2? Are they going to stay course and build on their latest foundation, are they going to revert to do what they want regardless of market expectations, or are they going to strike a balance where they don't undo the latest progress?

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