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KLXVER said:
Valdney said:
This game is an absolute classic! This is by far my second favorite game on the Switch after BOTW. A close second.

This is the best Metroidvania I have ever played. This game is amazing. This game is The ultimate Metroidvania game.

The music, secrets, graphics, exhilarating boss fights, abilities.

This game feels a lot like Zelda 2 where the sense of growth does not only come from better gear or more HP, but also from actually getting better at the game.

I can’t recommend this game enough.

It is a great game. The only thing holding it back a bit for me is the map system. The map doesn't get revealed as you explore a place like in Metroid or some Castlevanias. You have to stumble around in the dark until you find a bench where you sit down and then the map for where you went gets revealed to you. It was very frustrating at times.

I don't see this as an issue at all, if anything I think it makes the game more exciting. Going into a new area always feels just that bit more scary because of that fear of getting lost without a map to guide you, and it's such a big relief when you hear the cartographer's music and go after him. I just think it's one of many elements unique to Hollow Knight that make the game so special and awesome.

Not sure why the necrobump, though.