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vonny said:
RolStoppable said:

Bad analysis.

Microsoft is better positioned this time around than it was with the Xbox One, Harding-Rolls argues, because it has embraced a console gamer focus for the system, has invested heavily in its first-party studio system, will have a Halo game ready for launch, and is expected to sell the Series X for the same price as the PS5.

XSX at the same price as the PS5 would cut a lot more into Sony's sales than this analyst predicts.

I won't make a prediction about the two consoles myself, because some crucial information is still unknown, such as price. But if the two consoles had price parity, then Microsoft would do more than just slightly better than with the Xbox One.

Why xbox has been cheaper than the ps4 for the majority of the generation and it's been smashed in sales.

Not sure why people are saying the xbox will do better this time since theyre not making mistakes, to gain back market they've lost they have to win people back not just "not stuff up again". Playstation hasn't dropped the ball like the ps3 or Microsoft with the xbox one the default opening isn't there like in the pass, they've done little to show why you should leave the playstation line.

The Xbox One hasn't been smashed in the USA despite being the clearly inferior console, that's why an XSX at the same price of the PS5 would gain market share. We already know that the XSX is more powerful than the PS5 and it's also looking likely that the XSX will have the better launch titles, so at least in the USA the XSX would be chosen over the PS5. That may only be a single country, but it's the biggest country for the console market by far and has a long history of not pledging loyalty to any console manufacturer.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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