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GaoGaiGarV said:
Honestly the reason why many people said the generational leap between PS3 and PS4 was rather small was because we had big graphical showpieces like The Last of Us or Beyond Two Souls just right before the PS4 was released and it took some time until the games which really showed off the PS4s power like The Order 1886 arrived.
Also on PS3 generation developers constantly went over the render budget and made games with bad framerates whereas in the PS4 generation devs were much more conservative and didn't overstrain the systems as often. So we did lose some graphical advancements in order to get more stable games.

Similarly, The Last Of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima are doing the same for PS4.

As for "bad framerates" of PS3 games, that was mostly down to the hardware itself and developers having to come to grips with its abstract construction. It was a sweet piece of kit, but if the people who need to know how to use it (excluding in-house devs) are stumped, it may as well be a lemon. 

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 14 June 2020