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If I was an American I would be voting for Trump. I am not saying that Trump is anywhere near perfect, but at least he is his own man and he is making an effort to help improve people's lives in America. It is so obvious that the left has become co-opted by the foreign Chinese communist party and multinational corporate interests who are trying to bring Americans under their control like they have done for all the poor slaves living in China. The left used to be about resisting corporate tyranny but now they are the biggest pushers of the mainstream corporate media, the big tech giants, the mandatory vaccines from big pharma, 5G from big telecom, genetic modification of food and the elimination of ranchers in favor of chemical-laden artificial meat poison. The left used to be about fighting for the free expression of knowledge and encouraging intellectual discourse and now we see modern day book burning with online censorship of conservatives and we see raging mindless mobs ripping down statues of historical figures whose reasons for remembrance they don't have the slightest clue about. When we turn on the mainstream media the only thing we hear now is that skin color is the most important thing about you and that if you have lots of skin pigment then you should be raging mad against those with no skin pigment. Gone are the days of Martin Luther King Jr. when it was the content of our character that mattered to the left and not some superficial garbage like the color of a person's skin.

I look at the left today and I all see a raging cult that is unable to see how they have been taken as slaves and are being lead around on a leash by a bunch of billionaires and the Chinese Communist Party with agitprop that is designed to create instability that is only meant to destroy the US as an economic power and turn it into another one of the world's many basket case tyrannies. I believe that Americans are realizing this though and that you are not going to let yourself be controlled by these puppets who claim to lead the left. Your are not going to let yourself be conquered by a dictatorship nightmare like China. When Biden tells you that you aren't black if you don't vote for him, I say that you should give him the finger and walk away.