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Hello and welcome to the Visual Analysis Of Gen 8 vs Gen 9. In here, we will strictly discuss the visual clarity of games that released in the current gen versus what's to come. I want to not only cover topics I already have in other threads, but give you a discreet look at many of the elements I said were coming and what will was already apparent from the next generation games shown running on the PlayStation 5.

We're going to spcifically look at geometrical advances, fur/hair advances, lighting advancements, static and realtime raytracing, and other elements that are sure to see a visual jump in the coming generation!

Let us begin with the pictures above. Now, at first glance, you might see some minor differences, but on closer inspection, the advancements become clear. Here is another:

It is immediately apparent what kind of advancements have been made here. Aloy, in Horizon: Zero Dawn, is fabulous, but she lacks plenty of the elements of her future self in Forbidden West. Everything from fibers, to additional fur to (my favorite) vellus hairs are all present here, with a far input of depth of field, a considerable geometrical jump, advancements in SSS, and higher quality texture maps (at the very least 4096x4096 - 4K, but I couldn't be shocked if they were 8192x8192). To me, this is significant, because this is an early game in the generation (yes, I expect it to release no latter than Holiday 2021). As I've said, I've seen more of what's to come and you just have no idea how much better it is all about to get. 

From time-to-time, I'll throw a screen or two in here from my own work, because it will help give less savvy people (or even the savvies) a greater sense of the jumps in place. Also, feel free to add your own comparison shots (make sure it is like for like and not screencaps of YT vids). The thread will be on going, so I look forward to some technical discussions that are well though out, aiming for knowledge, or both. Which leads me to this specific thread's guidelines...

*Note: we are not here to talk about the PS5's design, potential price, how it compares to the Xbox Series X, if you are interested in next gen consoles, or what the gameplay is like. This is strictly a technical topic and it will be treated more harshly should that be ignored. No Warnings will be given to violators, so please be mindful. :)

 Let's have fun with this! A new gen is upon us and we're all here for the same thing. So, let's use this as a platform to highlight just how good it has been and how much better it is going to get!

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 14 June 2020