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gergroy said:
Is it just me or is anybody else annoyed with how Biden is going about selecting his VP? He is setting these parameters that have nothing to do with the job. First he said he was going to only select a female, now rumors are that race is also a factor with everything going on. So basically he is being prejudicial based on gender and race.

Now, I certainly have nothing against a female black VP choice. In fact, I find it kind of exciting honestly. However, it is a big gig especially with how old Biden is. I would hate to end up with somebody less qualified because he limited the search for superficial reasons.

My guess is it ends up being Harris. Which is fine. However, there are more exciting prospects out there I think. I would have liked to see Corey Booker as VP... but oh wells...

Well, a VP actually has no real job except being there to replace the President should he be incapacitated in any way and to be the tiebreaker for the Senate.

Hence why in the past the position was often used to kick some people upstairs they wanted to shut up and out for 4-8 years. Of course, this tactic has the drawback that if the president dies, then the troublemaker becomes the president. This tactic however has backfired so often that it's not used for this purpose anymore. For instance, Theodore Roosevelt was hated by it's party and thus chosen to be the running mate of William McKinley to lock him out, but then became President after after McKinley got assassinated.

As such, choosing a VP these days is mostly to find somebody with enough appeal to voters which don't necessarily vote for the presidential candidate. In Biden's case, a progressive black women would be the choice to garner more votes of people of color, of women and of progressives. Trump did the same, he choose Pence to garner the votes of the religious right (and religious people in general) instead.