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Ubisoft did something like this in Watch Dogs, where another player could show up in your game and hack you. Wasn't a big fan of the mechanic personally, getting interrupted while trying to enjoy a singleplayer experience, I ended up turning it off in the options menu.

Deathloop looked ok, but I wasn't really blown away by it. I really hope we get a new Dishonored game from Arkane next after Deathloop, there is still alot of the Dishonored universe that hasn't been explored. We've only seen 2 of the 4 island nations in the Empire; Tyvia and Morley haven't appeared in a game yet. We also haven't seen the massive, mysterious continent known as Pandyssia, that is mentioned in various notes and things in the games.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 12 June 2020