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trunkswd said:
yo33331 said:
okay, let the chart be, but just why don't first the most interesting and close charts are out and after this the other ..
there is not even a chart like ds vs ps4 europe or switch vs ps3 or 360 in europe which would be way more interesting than this one ... of course these are just examples, it may have other interesting charts, but even for US specially if you want switch vs another console in US than PS4, okay, wii is very strong there, 360 too, or even DS, those are console that would be many times more interesting to watch than the every region weak xbox one ..
you put the one very successful console like switch vs some console that even in US is just OK, nothing more - xbox one, when there can be much more interesting sales battles.

Just to get this in order for when I do May's Gap Charts as I just posted the last week of May sales:

  • PS4 vs DS in Europe - PS4 is on the verge of passing DS in Europe - Less than 2 million atm. 
  • Switch vs PS3 in Europe - Switch is about 20 million behind lifetime sales
  • Switch vs 360 in Europe - Switch is about 11 million behind lt sales
  • Switch vs 360 in US - Switch is about 25 million behind lt sales
  • Switch vs DS in US - Switch is 33 million behind lt sales
  • Switch vs Wii in US - Switch is about 22 million lt sales

I'll need to see how it looks launch aligned for these. For the Switch vs X in US I'll probably just do Wii for now as it is the lowest selling of the three. 

yes I know, it would be much more interesting battles than the one vs XB1 in US.

even with PS4 and ds, (according to the platforms total page here the difference is bigger - 7M) but it still would be interesting not only when will it pass it but what has been the chart until now,

with the others too, switch can follow closely 360 or PS3 in the europe sales as it can the wii or 360 (ds was just for reference because of the global vs DS chart)