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NightlyPoe said:
jason1637 said:
Black Lives Matter

Is a movement based on what it opposes:  Prejudice.

Even in the current situation, it has been assumed that the inciting incident was a racial matter.  So much so, that if you were to point it out, you'd get little more than a "c'mon" type of reaction.  This is prejudice.  We don't know what caused the action by the officer that cost Floyd his life or what was going through his head.  It might have been racial animus, but it also might have been that he got cut off in traffic.  It is assumed that Floyd would still be alive if he were white, but we do not know that.

Further, the empirical evidence for increased violence, particularly deadly force, from the police based on race is surprisingly inconclusive (opposing view, mixed conclusion).

And just anecdotally, we see how such prejudices have been destructive in certain highly-publicized incidents like the Mike Brown shooting which later cleared the officer involved, but which Black Lives Matter is based on.  The truth came out, and few apologized or thought twice about how their prejudices led them astray and hurt a man who dedicated his life to protecting a community.

While I'm sure someone will point to history as a reason for this prejudice.  I would counter that it doesn't matter.  A person mugged by a minority has a history as well.  But the stomping out of prejudice demands that the person forget the context of that history with each new person they meet.  "That's how they are" is never a good thought to have, but it is built into the basic philosophy of Black Lives Matter.

While, I don't question the motives of (most) of the people who believe in the movement.  I question whether anything good comes of making prejudice into a virtue in the long run.

Yeah, sure you can argue that the cop murdered George Floyd for reasons other than race. Although race probably was a pretty significant factor. Even if it can't be proven how events would have unfolded had he been white it's certainly fair to assume it would have went differently.

Although at the end of the day, does it even really matter? Police shouldn't be killing people like that full stop.