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sales2099 said:
Forza is a easy pick for graphical showcase I’m not worried.

It still is frustrating that Sony took credit for that demo...they don’t use UE. The Coalition with Gears 5, Ninja Theory for Hellblade, upcoming games like Inexiles AAA game, Hellblade 2, Obsidians AAA projects. These are games that showcased and will showcase UE in its glory.

Far as I’m concerned the UE5 demo advertised what Series X can do with developers that actually use it (XGS). Perhaps at an even higher frame rate with better lighting. To anyone who may look to report, this isn’t baiting. Sony got the win I just feel it was a dirty move.

Sony didn't take credit for anything. Epic gave them the credit. 

And Sony don't use it? I suppose Concrete Genie and Days Gone aren't Sony games? PixelOpus and Studio Bend aren't Sony studios? Sony has published some games on UE outside of these 2 from last year.  And it doesn't matter if Sony uses it or not, many other developers making games that will release on PS5 do use it. 

This is such a strange thing to try throw shade at Sony for. Just because Epic appears to have a better working relationship with Sony than Microsoft is not something to get upset about.