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Immersiveunreality said:
Phoenix20 said:

It is sad,those that did this deserve a serious punishment.

Do they, though? do they, really? 

I think the thing that bugs me most about this is that it proves that complacency and pacifism is nice...when it works. but when it doesn't, what are you supposed to do? People have been collectively doing the 'right thing' for decades, peacefully protesting, spreading awareness through social media and activism, and generally trying their best to not be the bad guys while also trying to make a positive change in the world but it didn't work. 

We live in a world where 'SJW' is an insult. The idea that someone could care about progress or inclusiveness or positive change in the world is now used as a derogatory term, because many people are happy with how things are, don't want there to be any inclusiveness, are completely fine with the little ways the world fucks over minorities or underprivileged, and actively resist the idea that maybe shit like this is not okay. We live in a world where a lot of people want to make change for the better and be better people, and they're mocked and insulted and bullied for it. we live in a world where it's seemingly okay for black people to be continually shit on becuase, legally, they have equal rights. we live in a world where some people think that racism isn't a thing anymore because - at least on paper - the races are equal when in reality and in practice, they clearly and demonstrably are not, at least in the eyes of the law and apparently your average voter. 

I hate violence. I hate aggressive tactics. I hate the idea that people felt they needed to get violent in order to send a message loud enough for people to hear. 

What I hate even more is that we live in a world this was genuinely the only option some people have left when all other methods failed and yet some people - like you - still vilify them for it. 

Change needs to happen. This is how it happens, because it's very very clear that going through the proper channels wasn't doing shit. Your post here and the posts of the others in this thread saying the rioters are bad people because they're taking a stand against institutionalized oppression are like the idiots who cry to have a dog put down for biting its owner after years of abuse. These riots aren't unprovoked, these riots aren't without justification. They are a way to say that, no, we won't allow this any longer. IT's an absolutely last resort that shows that we've had enough. 

And the fact that your lord dampnut (Donald Trump as an Anagram) actively endorsed the idea of bringing the military to shoot people instead of, you know, addressing the very real underlying problem speaks volumes both for him and his followers. This is exactly why racism thrives in the US. Entitled white brats wiping their hands clean of the issue since they did the bare minimum to no longer keep slaves and give black people legally equal rights while never truly addressing the deeper issue that frankly, there's still a lot of racism in the world and it's very clearly being aimed at black people by white people. 

For fuck's sake, Trump was literally elected on the promise that he'd 'build a wall' to keep Mexicans out and immediately put a travel ban on muslims. HE literally campaigned on blatant racism and enough people voted for him that he actually, somehow won. 

See this riot? Minnesota fucking deserves it and everything else it gets. you know how republicans are always going on about corruption in politics and how they need their guns because they need to form an uprising in the event that the government oppresses them? Yeah, this is exactly that happening. Imagine how much fucking worse it'd be if everyone in that riot actually had automatic rifles. 

I absolutely hate politics, and I absolutely hate that so many people are so willingly ignorant of reality or twist the facts just so they can absolve themselves of any responsibility in an issue like this. I hate that people deflect questions and refuse to address this shit beyond just blindly vilifying everyone involved. Have a spine. Riot. Let the world know that this sort of blatant abuse of power won't go unchecked. 

I'd say 'power to the people', but clearly 'the people' involves people that think the police officer was in the right or bend over backwards to justify the murder of a black man rather than face the facts that racism is still very real and still very much so a pervasive problem in this world. 

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