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Pyro as Bill said:
Rioting does change things so opposing rioting because you think it's fruitless is wrong.

I don't see why police stations/cars aren't legitimate targets of protest/arson and if riot police are ready for a riot they should be able to handle the odd petrol bomb.

Looting hurts the cause and shouldn't be happening if local businesses are paying protection to the people who are actually able to protect their businesses.

I don't get why every incident of police brutality against a black person is racialised. I mean, I do get it but sometimes there are times when it's just because some/most police officers are cunts. Look at the protests in France. You don't have to be black to be beaten or murdered by police officers.

My own (white) city had police brutality riots in the 80s. No looting because of protection money. The police would go to a poor part of town and if any teenager gave them backchat or disrespected them then 6-8 grown men would put kids in the back of the van and beat the shit out of them without consequence.

The rioting should be about letting them know that it will cost them more $$$$ if they don't change their ways. The looting needs to stop.

It doesn't cost the police a penny. It costs the taxpayer!

Those rioters are screwing over every tax paying citizen there. And as for why police stations/cars aren't legitimate targets... because you shouldn't discriminate against somebody based on what they are. Isn't that... kind of the whole point people are upset in the first place? Two wrongs don't make a right.

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