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KLAMarine said:
Otter said:

>On the bit about statistics, ever heard of 'correlation does not equal causation'?

"Regarding the second part, so you think this person is a genuine protestor? Not everything has to be argument, to me and many others, his demeanor and prep seems way off, make a judgement call for yourself."

>I really don't know and who gives a shit? He smashed some windows and then pissed off. Why should anyone besides that store honestly care!?

"But you'll notice that he stands alone out like a sore thumb in all the footage you'll see."

>Yeah, I think the umbrella does that.

"The man wore clean, full-body coverings. He had a large umbrella to shelter him from overhead surveillance. He had one job. He brought a hammer. He was calm & methodical. He acted, then exited, avoiding to engage." Like its just strange and reason for suspicion"

>Still proves nothing beyond his being suspicious.

"Proves". No one is proving anything in this discussion. You ridiculed the idea that this could be an undercover officer.

If police or any other agency are using agents to fuel unrest, participate riots etc. That's in the public interests and it's the only reason we are looking at this video.

"ever heard of 'correlation does not equal causation'?"

Of course but you're not providing any alternate cause for the disparity whilst there's been strong and long documentation of racism in  the police force & the US in general.

Just last week this woman went viral hysterically pretending to be in danger whilst using the mans' race as a weapon against him, because she belives him being "African American" will trigger a more imminent and threatening response from the police.

And at the very least we can say the "cause" is the action of the police and there are many documentated cases, 3 from the last week alone, where they kill unarmed people through reckless actions. They were all black but that doesn't even matter, there needs to be accountability.

And honestly you intent of roadblocking these conversations without having any actual believe or stance is also part of the problem. What exactly are you arguing? That racism doesn't exist? I'm personally going to be more selective about how I spend my energy,  so I won't respond to you again but please think long and hard about what your actual stance is before committing to this endless devil's advocacy. 

Last edited by Otter - on 30 May 2020