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Mr Puggsly said:
DonFerrari said:

I remember a clear new from Phil or someone of that level saying they had put a stop on launching new BC titles while they were working on Series X, I think it was Scarlet the codename? So with the XSX being near release they will probably add many more og xbox and x360 titles on the system while keeping almost 100% X1 also BC for XSX. All of that with automatic improvements so less burden on the team with some improvement for the user, even though BC doesn't bring many customers and I usually only play new titles this is a solid implementation.

In 2016 Phil claimed 50% of users used BC. Given it will be available at launch, I bet the percentage of people that use BC on PS5 and Series X will be much higher than that.

I don't get why people keep saying BC doesn't bring many customers or any variation of that thought. Its a feature people want and many will use it, that's all I care about.

As an Xbox One owners, but not Xbox One X owner, I know I'll be replaying some games for the Xbox One X (and now Series X) enhancements. 

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