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SKMBlake said:
Xxain said:

Lets talk about SEGA on a global level.

Yakuza is gaining popularity to the point where Yakuza 6 sold on par with Japan. Yakuza 6 has not even sold 1 miliion copies.

Persona, which is not even developed by SEGA, is a key IP.

Sonic? - Global brand power but quality issues.

Bayonetta? - They don't invest in it.

All SEGA's classic IP are auctioned out ( Streets of Rage, Panzer Dragoon, )

What IP's are you talking about?

You know Sega's biggest franchise is Football Manager, right ? You didn't mentioned it.

That seems unlikely. FM sells about 1 million a year at most.

The Total War franchise is surely bigger than that.